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Living with dogs can be a rewarding experience, but sometimes when we don't listen to their needs, it can be stressful for them and us. At Napilialoha, we teach dogs how to live with less stress and anxiety, while making sure their owners are aware and responsive to their sometime subtle sometimes not so subtle signals.

Modern Day Dog Stress

As humans we have our ups and downs, but sometimes forget that our dogs do too.

Lack of exercise or mental stimulation, stressful situations such as loud noises, other dogs or animals, unknown humans, or the simple lack of routine or medical attention can make dogs edgy and irritable. It is important when raising dogs to try and understand their weak or stressed areas and compensate accordingly.

At Napilialoha we try to work with your dog to solve these problems in the most stressless way possible. No choke chains or shock/prong collars, we strive to solve problems by applying force-free methods based on trust and clear communications with your dog, and then letting him or her tell us what's up.