About Us

Here at Napilialoha we enjoy being with dogs and their owners, and take great pride in their progress.  Our founder Tomoko Nakagawa has always emphasized communication, trust, patience and observation as the key principles to successful training.  We try to communicate what we do with the dog owners, so they will be able to positively reinforce good behavior so that their dog begins to live a more happy life 24/7.

"Aloha.  My name is Tomoko and I started Napilialoha (which means "beloved companion" in Hawaiian) with the sole purpose of trying to find ways to make dogs and dog owners enjoy their time together more.  The revelation came when I started raising a dog that had spent the first years of his life in a puppy mill.  Fear, aggression, and frustration towards people and other dogs was something that took time to overcome, but looking back it changed both our lives.  I have been working with Karen Hashimoto (Kolohe K-9, LLC) since 2010 and also as a volunteer trainer at the Hawaiian Humane Society, but having to deal with my own dog's aggression steered me towards Grisha Stewart's Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT).  I became CBATI (Certified BAT Instructor) in 2014. "

Future projects include seminars, training sessions, diet consultations, and fun things like canine nose work and nature hikes.