Services and Events

Private Sessions

In Private Sessions, we customize each session to meet you and your dog’s needs.  The trainer works with the owner to coach their skills, so that the owner can learn "hands-on".  You can get full attention and support from the trainer and can work on specific issues with your dog.
 The trainer will email a follow up and give the owner homework so that he/she can continue to work between sessions.


Walk & Train

In Walk & Train, the trainer will pick up your dog, work with him/her and then bring him back home. The dog can get both physical and mental stimulation by going out and working in a different environment.  The owner is always welcome to come with us and observe a session, but the trainer will work with the dog the entire session, without coaching the owner.  The trainer will create a report about the session for the owner, and discuss progress and/or other issues as needed buy lexapro

NOTE: All new clients must schedule an initial consultation prior to starting private or walk and train sessions.


Group Classes

We currently don’t offer Group Classes, but are more than happy to refer other great trainers who do.  Please contact us for more details.