Training Philosophy

There are a lot of methods out there for training dogs and we too have our own ideas.

We don't believe in choke chains or shock/prong/electric/pinch collars, or any other of this type of equipment.  We don't use rolled up magazines for hitting the dog in the head, and no kicking, screaming or popping.
Physical or psychological intimidation will not be used when the dogs are with us.

When a dog shows problematic behavior, they are telling us they need something and are not in balance.  They might have stress, fear, or simple hunger, pain, or lack of appropriate training.

At Napilialoha we strive to understand the cause of the problem and teach the dog a better way to deal with the issue at hand.  It will be easier to work with your canine when humans and dogs can have clear communication and trust.

We will help dog owners to understand their dogs better and work together in fun and effective ways to enjoy a happier life with their beloved companion.

All of our training sessions are based on this overall philosophy, from puppy training to our advanced BAT sessions.